Class Rooms

Class rooms are the diagnostic centers for the students where they would themselves into a personality of recognition in the years to come. The rooms are well equipped with comfy seating arrangement for healthy sitting posture. So thing and serene classroom atmosphere in ideally suited for the optimum maximum academic output.

Activity Rooms

Activity rooms are the functional laboratories to shape and sharpen the talents of young kids into flawless and perfect performance. At V.P.S. we give change to everyone to come to stage in all forms of art to be a part of our quest of providing equal chance to everyone. Two Activity Rooms, one for the juniors and the other for the seniors are dedicated to the salvation of talents into a winning habit among all the Victorians. A beautiful stage also compliments the live performance of young artists.


There is no alternative of good books as they are our friend, guide and philosopher. Our Library has a variety of on almost all the subjects required for the students up to secondary level. Besides regular books of interest there are a number of reference books. Dictionaries encyclopedias etc. to stimulate the habit of reading among the students.

Science Lab

‘Learning by doing’ is the forte of our ‘Panchmukhi Education’ . Our well equipped science lab gives wing to the innovative concepts of young students to transform the theory practically applicable.Science Lab is decorated with various achievements by the students at zonal,state and national levels.

Maths Lab

School proudly owns another prized possession in the form of Maths Lab. It was introduced with a holistic approach to tame the Ghost Mathematics giving a constant torture to the students. It has worked so effectively that it not only has diminished the conspicuous terror of maths but also motivated the students to score perfect 100 % in board Exams too.

Computer Labs

To give an age to the students over the traditional classroom teaching school has set up an ultramodern computer lab equipped with internet and latest operating system to give a global exposure to the students.


The school provide transport to the students residing in the nearby areas. However, the use of school bus cannot be claimed as a matter of right.


The favorite haunt of the students is committed to provide nutritious, hygienic, healthy and economical range of food.

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