From the desk of Principal


Dear Parents& Students


It is amatter of great honour to be a part of this esteemed institution named VictorPublic School, the school that stands out for excellent board results and matchlessextracurricular record at Zonal, District and National Levels for years. Theschool has set the highest standard of education and discipline year after yearbut our quest for attaining m…o….r….e….. will never quench. I believe that successis not a case of mere chance; it is an outcome of planned, ceaseless and dedicatedefforts of all. It is well said, 'if you are planning for a year, sowrice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime educatepeople'.


For meeducation does not mean enabling students to answer all the questions but toenable them to quench/satisfy their inner self, understanding the difference ofright and wrong, differentiating between ethical and unethical approach towardslife and society. I thank my staff for their endless endeavour for generating abreed of civilized and productive human capital for serving our motherlandfollowing the mission of the school “Serving Nation through Education”.


I amoverwhelmed with the continuous support of our hon'ble Manager who is upgradingand strengthening the infrastructure of the school. He always plays his activerole in up scaling the new heights. I am sure, we all, will live up to his expectationsand follow his direction, “sky is not the limit”.


We are alwaysopen to all kinds of suggestions and guidance. In the fast changing world weare enabling ourselves with best of possible facilities and harnessing all theavenves of learning. Keeping pace with the challenges is not so easy but tamingthe challenges in our passion.


All theBest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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