Class Rooms -
Class rooms are the diagnostic centers for the students where they would themselves develop into a personality of recognition in the years to come. The rooms are well equipped with comfy seating arrangement for healthy sitting posture. Soothing and serene classroom atmosphere is ideally suited for the optimum maximum academic output.

Activity Rooms –
Activity rooms are the functional laboratories to shape and sharpen the talents of young kids into flawless and perfect performers. At V.P.S. we give chance to everyone to come to stage in all forms of art to be a part of our quest of providing equal chance to everyone. Two Activity Rooms, one for the juniors and the other for the seniors are dedicated to the salvation of talents into a winning habit among all the Victorians. A beautiful stage also compliments the live performance of young artists.

Learning by doing’ is the forte of our ‘Panchmukhi Education’ . Our well equipped science lab gives wing to the innovative concepts of young students to transform the theory practically applicable.

Anatomy models, physics science kits and chemistry science kits are there to make it easy to understand the theories of science.

We combine classrooms teaching with laboratory experiments to ensure that the students grasp each and every concept thoroughly. Science Lab is decorated with various achievements by the students at zonal, state and national levels.

Maths Lab –
School proudly owns another prized possession in the form of Maths Lab. It was introduced with a holistic approach to tame the Ghost Mathematics giving a constant torture to the students. It has worked so effectively that it not only has diminished the conspicuous terror of maths but also motivated the students to score perfect 100 % in board Exams too.

Computer Lab
Our school has one computer lab which has latest versions of computers where children can learn about the basic of computers and has opportunity to know the technology closely. A child can give wings to his/her thoughts while getting knowledge of the different aspects of computers.

Medical Facility –
A full fledge first aid unit is also provided at school with the assistance of certified nurse. Time to time basic routine check-up is also provided. so, that parents can have basic information about their child’s health.

Parents are requested to provide prior information if their child need any extra care in few emergency situation like disease of asthama. So that school can take immediate action for the safety of your ward.

Music and Dance –
Music and dance are integral part of our life. These are the most relaxing diversion in the stressful life. children of all ages love music and dance classes. These activities start from the beginning. Victor Public School trains children vocal music. Songs and dances are prepared for special occasions like Independence Day, Republic Day, National and social festivals. The school has talented teachers who teach vocal music. Various instruments like Harmonium, Tabla, keyboard and drums are available in the school. Students are trained according to their talent and ability. Teachers conduct individual, group singing and dance competitions among students.

Smart Class –
We have brought cinema in the classrooms through smart class. It is beneficial for students to understand a chapter visually in the class. Animated visuals are used to teach the lessons and concepts of different subjects. This kind of visual is eye-catching and young students can easily relate with them and helps the students to store the information fast and effectively. This kind of education is perfect for all kinds of students.

Library -
No Educational Institute is complete without a good, well stocked library, nor can education be complete without inculcating healthy reading habits. The school has a well stocked spacious, well lit and ventilated library. It provides a conducive atmosphere for reading and cater the requirements of teachers and students as per following :-

Huge collection of text books and Ref. Books.

Hobby books, Audio visual material and news paper clipping, facility for refrance and current awareness.

Reading hall enriched with vast variety periodicals, journals and newspapers.

Transport -
Our school is providing easy pick and drop facility for your ward. Bussing with the school is the safest decision you can make for your ward because all our drivers are reliable and very well known to school authorities. But same thing is not possible with the private conveyance. So that for the safety of your ward you should choose school conveyance. In case you choose private conveyance responsibility is all yours about you wards safety. Parents are requested to inform about any change of mode of conveyance and driver in lieu of your wards safety.

P.T.S. Bridge –
PTS software would bridge the gap between parents, teachers and students to complete the growth of the student, it is very important to have good communication between parents teachers and students. It will give complete analysis of a student of institution. Through these parents has opportunity to be involve in their wards day to day activities and be their friends for all over growth of the child. It will attendance analysis, Holidays information, Assignment, Homework and on line information required by parents.