Mission Statement

‘A school should be a place where the student is not just nurtured and fostered but challenged too, VPS is such a place.’

The sprawling campus of Victor Public School with a beautiful and well maintained building which is an architectural-delight, is situated in East Delhi, India. The first branch of the school was established in the year 1975 by the chair person Shri V.P.Panchal to provide quality education; the school has five branches spread across the NCR region.

  • We at VPS believe in actions more than words. The ever increasing popularity of the school re- affirms our faith that we’re marching in the right direction enlightening the path of the young generation proving ourselves.
  • The curriculum is designed in a holistic way and which paint their minds and guide their thoughts providing area of opportunities for this diversity to flourish and henceforth beget a generation of trailblazers.
  • With an aim to instill five C’s: Communication, Collaboration, Critical thinking, Creativity and global Competency. Victorians are engaged in the myriad projects and programs, built around themes ranging from ‘cultural ethos, life skills, environment protection, health awareness to social awareness’, which are set within the school as well as in the real, pulsating world. So a panorama of Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities is organized because we believe “Intelligence plus character- that is the goal of education”
  • Remedial classes for the removal of the shortcomings of the students with learning disabilities in inclusive set up are held. Workshops, Training sessions, Visits and Tours are organized frequently for the students as these can prove to be the most effective live texts which allow children to construct their memorable lessons.
  • Workshops for teachers are also organized guided by CBSE. The members of our staff mainly the teachers meet all the latest development in the field of teaching and learning.
  • We’ve decided that in the next decade we will make our school a learning hub with the help of the latest technologies in the field of education. We have Smart Boards installed in all the classes.
  • VPS has won accolades Zonal,State and National championships in competitions such as Nukkad Natak, Music competitions, Nritya Natika, Dance competitions, Debate competitions, Swachhta Abhiyan, etc. Students fierce battles and learn elusive lessons as a plethora of Inter House Competitions are organized on almost every Saturday. To encourage spontaneous thinking and hone problem solving skills we organize extempore in the school premises.
  • Victorians purpose in life is not to surge ahead of others but to set new benchmarks and to work with greater force than ever before as “the whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows”. Each one of them is a force to reckon with and is being empowered to illumine the society with goodness and usher in an era of new possibilities.
  • We’ll make sure that each and every student grows into a world citizen breaking the shackle of self- centered approach and march ahead to contribute his/her share in nation building to justify our mission statement- “SERVING NATION THROUGH EDUCATION”.