House System

VPS infuses the child with the spirit of camaraderie, competitiveness and cohesion right at the grass root level though the House system, Agni, Pritvii, Jal and Vaayu. Each child initiated into Victor Public School is placed in a House and is gradually introduced to the ethos of the institution. Each house has a House Master and House Mistress to whom he/she may turn for assistance at any time. All students from class I and above are placed in the four houses and all activities academic, co-curricular and intemural, are based on inter-house competitions.

The house system was devised to promote team spirit and a sense of belonging to the school. Also, this enables the senior students of the school to provide care more systematically and he their junior schoolmates. The House System provides excellent opportunities for student leadership and peer group support. Aided by dedicated staff members, and house captains, it is a remarkable medium for enabling students of different ages to bond together and operate as a cohesive family.